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hese comments must be read prior to calling Robby's Rooter in Los Angeles. "Please do not ever use the services of Robby's Rooter." I have used their services for years, but never again. They left me with property damages and more. If you want to avoid serious damages to your home, then call anyone, but Robby's Rooter. I have recently used them for a pressure relief valve on my water heater and replacing shut off valves under my bathroom sink. They said that they didn't have the right part for the pressure relief valve and had to go get it. The plumber also said it was an old water heater and parts not available. My water heater is a little over 5 years old. The the story got changed that they would have to look for the part for 2 hours. Home Depot sells pressure relief valves and available for sale for $13.97 and I was charged $25 for parts, plus $105 for labor, plus the shutoff valve job $95. Total $200.

They came back and indicated that they couldn't get the right part and had to put an extension in pressure relief valve. I asked whether that would be a problem. The answer was "No." There were 2 plumbers here. The plumber in charge told the other plumber, to proceed with cutting the pipe where the pressure relief valve was connected to. I don't think he shut off the shutoff valve of the water heater. He proceeded to cut the pipe and my water heater room along with part of my family room flooded They claimed not much water on the floor, but that wasn't true. The pressure relief valve was installed. The shutoff valves installed under my bathroom sink are full of scratches. I don't that that these valves are new. I also asked the head plumber to check the water pressure before he left and that wasn't done. I called Robby's Rooter when they left and told them to document what happened and the fact that the water was not checked. The lady who answered the phone said that the plumber might come back the next day. Never received a call back.

About 11 days later, came the horrific event. My water heater started leaking and flooded the water heater room again. I was told that the pressure relief failed and was also told the water pressure was high. The water heater had to be replaced and I ended up with a lot water damage.

Robby showed up at my house without an appt. and tried to clear himself out of the liability for damages. He said that it was an old water heater that is leaking and I have to find someone else because he would not help me and left.

When the pressure relief valve was removed, it turned out that the pressure relief valve is a used one and there is dirt, white water calcification and rust inside. Shocking to find out that this part was used and was obviously removed from another customer's place. They took my pressure relief valve and shutoff valves that will probably be used for installation in another home. This is how these people make a ton of money.

What is this world coming to? There is no professionalism and it is all about how much money can we take out of the consumer. I hope these comments will posted. Robby's Rooter should not be in business. There is a complaint with the Contractors State License against Robby's Rooter. There are some serious matters now pending against Robby's Rooter. Robby must be stopped from conducting this type of business, charging these money for services and leaving the customer with property damage.

As to how I am proceeding with this matter cannot be disclosed here, but it is very serious.


Cypress, California, United States #603217

Robby's Rooter listed on Angine's List.This company does not belong or deserve to be on Angine's List after reading these complaints.

I can't possibly see how Robby's Rooter qualified to be listed as a reputable plumber on Angine's List.


Cypress, California, United States #603115

I assume that Robby's Rooter still operating well within the perimeters of Los Angeles.Wonder how many people's homes they damaged since this incident and will continue damaging in the future.

I hope that consumers reading the complaint will seriously consider the complaint and will not call upon Robby's Rooter for any services.:roll :cry


These reviews are from los angeles city search.

Read these reviews before calling Robbys Rooter.


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January 08, 2011

Beware of Robbys Rooter. I own a business and we worked with Robby's for about 7 years. We had some issues along the way - including billing for services that did not pan out and having to come back to correct the problem and attempting to bill again - but we managed to work things out with them. Until recently ...

We had an ongoing issue with floor sinks and plumbing backing up. Three invoices later the issue was still not fixed and I ultimately had to call in another plumber who set everything right.

I tried several times to sort out the billing issues with Robbys - to no avail. When I simply told them that I was not paying ANY of the invoices they finally contacted me to "sort things out". I finally agreed to pay to just get rid of them and low and behold a few days later I get another bill in the mail for the same problem and but another $139.00.

Used to be a pretty good and honest company - not so any longer.


Doesn't Recommend


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November 03, 2010

Miserable scumbags!. These a

-holes cant even drive. They almost ran over me and my dog today! I yelled at the driver while dodging his vehicle and he came back and threatened me! Some Russian middle -age loser was driving. If this...


Doesn't Recommend


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August 11, 2010

Very unprofessional. We called them to clear a backed up laundry drain. His rooter machine got stuck in the pipe and he left the blade in the pipe and never came back!! After calling the office, I was told that nothing else could be done and no one could come back out to fix the situation except the owner and that he was out of town till the end of the week. They said he would call me/come back out to assess the situation as soon as he got back into town and, of course, he never did. No callback. No apology for the inconvenience. No proposed solution. I ended up calling another plumbing company to fix it. Robby's Rooter= Appalling service and No accountability.


Doesn't Recommend

Girmo Vega

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December 16, 2009

Worst service ever. I called this company because my sewer line was backing up. They had someone come down, showed up 2 hrs late and with a bad attitude. He had to remove my toilet to run his rooter machine and made a complete mess, from my bedroom all the way to the living room. I later found out that this plumber was the owner him self. Very unreliable. I had to steam clean my carpet the following day. Do not hire Robby!!


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March 06, 2009

Not da friendliest people, but get da job done. Well these guys that came to do some re piping were not da worlds friendliest people but got da job done right at a reasonable price


Doesn't Recommend


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January 12, 2008

Totally unreliable. My apt. manager called them on Tuesday to fix a gas pipe leak (my gas had to be turned off for safety until the leak is fixed). They came Wednesday (an hour and a half later than the latest time in their 3 hour window), and didn't have the necessary parts so they said they would come back between 10am and 1pm Thursday. They never showed up on Thursday! I waited from 10am until 3:25pm--having called them several times starting at 1:15pm and being assured that they were on their way and would "be there any minute". Finally at 3:25pm, the office called me to say the plumbers were still stuck at another job. (So they were never on their way, much less so close that they would be here any minute.) They came Friday (didn't finish) and again today. Hopefully they'll finish today so that I can have heat and hot water. The plumbers themselves were very friendly, but completely unreliable.


Doesn't Recommend


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January 05, 2008

Unreliable. I scheduled an appointment on a Tuesday for the following Saturday so I wouldn't have to miss work. I asked for the narrowest window of time that they could provide. They booked it for "9 to 11, but he might be earlier" - I rescheduled another appointment to be here and wait all morning. Well, 11:00 rolled around and they hadn't shown up. Apparently, they didn't even have me on the books and it was too late to fit me in. So now I'm stuck having to miss work for them to come. I would have used someone else, but this is who my apartment management company went through. We'll see how the work is when it gets done.

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Even though Robbys Rooter registered his name all over the internet now, this company is definitely not recommended for any services after the serious problems they caused by their plumbing services - their services are never recommended and this goes for anyone who wants to use their services. They use used parts in their installation for certain things.

Hope people continue looking at the reviews.

to thermome #598849

I hope that consumers read the above-written complaint and seriously consider the content of it, before engaging in the services of Robbys Rooter. Unless the consumers are willing to accept the fact that they might end up with property damage. Repairing plumbing with USED PARTS is a true negligence on behalf of a plumbing company :(

Thank you for reading this comments.

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